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RATING: Racing Traders 4.5 Star Rating

WE SAY: Amazing Betfair Horse Racing Trading Tool that operates at lightning speed ! FREE to use in limited sped mode, Small fee for full mode that refreshes prices UP TO 20 TIMES PER SECOND.

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Review Rating: Racing Traders 4.5 star review rating

Product Name: Racing Traders - BetTrader Evolution


They Say:

Transform Your Betfair Performance with BETTRADER.

Boost Your Betfair Profits by downloading the Powerful Betfair Trading Platform for FREE !

BetTrader Evolution is the most cutting-edge Betfair betting and trading platform on the market today. This state-of-the-art software application displays live updating Betfair markets from within your internet browser in a choice of intuitive, feature packed trading interfaces with blazing fast bet submission and a full range of trading tools.

I Say: This really is an awesome piece of software for those who like to trade the racing on betfair. By this I mean punters who like to get on and off a horse many times securing profits as the prices adjust.

An example could be to back a horse for £10 at 5.0 then quickly lay off the bet at 4.8 as the market moves. Repeating this process many times on one or more horses in each race can provide you with lots of no risk bet opportunites or you can simply hedge your bets for a guaranteed returns regardless of which horse wins.

This software allows you to do such trades at LIGHTNING SPEED, potentially securing many profitable trades before and during the race! Yes this software also allows you to trade In Running.

Its FREE to use all the features and trading platforms in limited speed mode. I suggest you Go ahead and trial the software and all its many features right away. Once you are happy that it is a powerful and reliable horse racing trading tool, then you can subscribe for a very small fee to get LIGHTNING MODE which refreshes at UP TO 20 TIMES PER SECOND ! Wow, thats damn quick

If your already interested in Financial Trading or indeed already dable with trading the financial markets, I recommend you give this a trial. I think you will be amazed at how much money can be made from trading the horses and the beauty is that there is racing on pretty much everyday of the week.

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